KIDIBOT helps kids WANT to read more

KIDIBOT Description
KIDIBOT is an incredible educational platform where kids WANT to read more.

It's a game combined with a social network, where they can respond to quizzes, demonstrating they read various books. By doing so, they earn points and help their team win the battles with other teams and against the CROCOBETS (extraterrestrials who want to conquer the Earth).

Let me tell you a story:
THE CROCOBETS are some wicked aliens who want to conquer the planet. Their main weapons are stupidity and laziness.

KIDIBOT is a nice little robot coming from the outer space that helps children fight against the CROCOBETS so they can save their planet.

The only way children can do this is through wisdom and teamwork.
And wisdom comes through as much reading as possible.

Children enter on KIDIBOT platform, prove they have read various readings by answering questionnaires and they receive points. With those points, they help their team to win the various battles and save Planet!

By doing so,  an atmosphere of POSITIVE SOCIAL PRESSURE is created, in which reading becomes cool and fun.

Now let me give you more details ...

We asked several teachers to tell us what the readings they recommend for children.

We have over 100+ questionnaires on the site and the number grows.
Kids who read a book, enter KIDIBOT from phone, tablet or computer and answer the related questionnaire.

Each questionnaire has 10 questions, each with 3 variants, one of which is correct. They earn one point for each question they have answered correctly and if they have at least 70% correct answers, they receive a bonus, depending on the difficulty of the reading. They also automatically appear on their public profile to collect as many books as possible.
By winning points, kids help their team to win. Because KIDIBOT favors teamwork.

There are three types of accounts on KIDIBOT: Kids, Parents and Teachers.
Child accounts are made without identifiable information.
Children create their user by selecting different variables, for example PinkElephant 7. They specify in which class they are, from which school, from which town and in which state. Automatically, children who specified the same class become team members.

On KIDIBOT you will notice a RANKINGS section. Top readers, top classes, top schools, top cities.
We want to support performance and that's why we've introduced this section to see which are the most prolific anti-CROCOBETS fighters :)
Each kid also has an anonymous public profile where the readings are read, the points earned, and the virtual badges received.
Yes, we have many such badges.
We have level badges (beginner, green ninja, to the Absolute Emperor).
We have BONUS badges (the best in school, the best in class or the city, those who persuade other friends to join the fight, and more)
These badges make them better.

The narrative thread is currently divided into sections:
KIDIBOT History / Academy / Earth Liberation / Galactic Battles

Step 1 - History: KIDIBOT comes to Earth to help us help ourselves. Kids create their accounts and start responding individually to the questionnaires. They start earning points.
Being on the team, they see that they are gaining more than just the individual.

Step 2 - KIDIBOT Academy where there will be training.
We can not just throw the kids in the fight with the CROCOBETS without making sure they have the right training. :)
Here we have BATTLES (training battles).
Let me give you an example: The Delaware class II team has to face Class II B from New York School 2.
From Step 3, children will be able to get DIRECT WITH CROCOBETS through knowledge and teamwork.

The main partner of KIDIBOT is Electrica. Secondary partners: Google, BWT-WAM, Sprint Curier, Animax.


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