How to Negotiate an Employment

 How to Negotiate an Employment Contract

Be confident and careful when negotiating a new contract.

1. Research your market value before your first interview: Talk to friends and acquaintances in the business, contact headhunters, and consult career Web sites that include information such as salary ranges and benefits packages.

2. Assess the company's approach, noting whether it invites negotiations or makes an offer first.

3. Listen to the way an offer is presented. A negotiation-minded manager will ask what figure you had in mind to get the process moving.

4. Delineate the different aspects of the job offer: money, benefits, responsibilities, stock options, schedules.

5. If the offer appears set, be creative in negotiating for alternative perks such as time off, relocation expenses or a transportation allowance.

6. Repeat the offer out loud after you hear it, then don't say anything until the employer does. Often, your silence will be misinterpreted as hesitation and the employer will sweeten the pot.

7. Speak your mind if you have any concerns.

Clearly demonstrate your sincere excitement and interest in the job as well as in the compensation.

Focus on being an ally'not an adversary'throughout the negotiations. This will keep things amiable and show that you are a team player.


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