How to Improve Your Self Esteem

How to Improve Your Self-Esteem

Take steps to raise your self-esteem and feel better about who you are.

1. Take stock of your strengths. Review what you are good at and tasks you excel at.

2. Think of things you can do or projects you can undertake that use and develop these strengths.

3. Reflect honestly on your weaknesses - but instead of dwelling on how lazy, mean, disorganized or passive you are, commit to change. Brainstorm specific things you can do to overcome the flaws you believe you have.

4. Survey your environment. Is a friend, family member or co-worker criticizing you unjustly? Distance yourself from this person or resolve not to let his or her opinion affect you.

5. Act confidently. People will sense your self-confidence and respond positively to you, strengthening your image and self-image all at once.

The key to positive self-esteem is to remember that you have control over your situation: When feeling glum about a character flaw, remind yourself that you can take action to change yourself and shape your future.

Try not to base judgments of yourself on others' perceptions, which can be fickle.

Get the momentum going by Anton C.
Embrace every single accomplishment with passion, from your gym workout to getting that physics problem right. It will boost your confidence and get your mind moving in a positive direction.

The Magic of Thinking BIG by AZMIKE
Read "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David J. Schwartz. Go to Amazon.com and read what people have said about it in the comment section. While it was written quite a while ago, so was the Bible. Read it.

My tip: In the first chapter, he talks of getting a BIG dream. Visualize it twice a day.

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