How to Date as a Single Parent


How to Date as a Single Parent
As a single parent, you may feel reluctant to date again. Take it slowly, listen to your instincts and try to have fun.

1. Date when you feel you're ready, not when others tell you that you should (see "eHow to Ask Someone on a Date as a Single Parent Date').

2. Ignore guilt. You're a human being and you need adult companionship. You deserve an occasional night out.

3. Take it slowly. Don't fill your calendar with dates all at once. It will take time for you and your children to adjust to the idea of your dating.

4. Make sure your children are cared for by someone you trust while you're on a date.

5. Talk to your children. Explain that you're going to spend some time with a person you like. Do not talk about remarriage or new daddies or mommies, but be honest about its being a date. Answer any questions your children have, but keep personal details to yourself.

6. Decide whether you want the person you're dating to meet your children. On a first date it is probably not advisable. When you do introduce them, keep it light, easy and quick. Don't plan any 'family' outings yet. Try not to talk about your kids too much during dates, but don't feel you need to hide their existence, either.

7. Introduce the new person to your children gradually if you feel that your relationship is becoming more serious.

8. Avoid letting your children see you in bed with anyone.

9. Consider how much affection you're comfortable expressing in front of your children. Follow your instincts. You can always kiss after the kids are in bed.

10. Be prepared for your children to be angry, resentful, hostile, sad, shy or nervous about the situation. Help them through it as best you can.

11. Be patient. It may take time to become comfortable on dates after being out of practice for so long.

12. Keep your ex-spouse out of it. He or she is bound to find out about your dating and may try to discuss it with you or become involved. Remember that you are divorced and it is your life to live as you please, so long as your children are not harmed.

If you or any of your children are having a very difficult time coping with the situation, consult a counselor or therapist.

My advice by Valerie
Don't bring your child around your date unless you become official. I've learned that the hard way. It'll be much easier on the kid and you if your child never met the person who it didn't work out with.


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