How to Ask for a Phone Number

Say you're at the grocery store and out of nowhere comes a stunning specimen, pushing a cart straight toward you. Don't just stand there speechless in aisle 9 - ask for a phone number!

1. Approach the person. Remember that eye contact and a gentle smile are crucial in appearing friendly.

2. Enter the conversation with a compliment, then introduce yourself. Try not to be too cute with your delivery.

3. Talk. You'll get a strong sense of whether the person would be willing to give you a phone number. If there's no eye contact or smile coming your way, and you're really making a solid effort, then maybe you should abort the mission.

4. Ask for the number. Try not to be pushy, and show respect for the person's private information. Avoid "How about giving me your number?" and go with "It would be great to get to know you better. Is there a number where I can reach you?"

5. Offer your own phone number after getting the other person's, if you feel comfortable doing so. Men may offer their own numbers even after women deny them, since some women are not comfortable with giving out their numbers.

Tips from eHow Users:
First meeting by anonymous A.
Instead of asking for a phone number, courteouly offer to give your phone number or e-mail and avoid asking for his/hers. If he/she calls you, this may give you a hint about your chance to build a friendship.

Find A Reason by G.C
Try something like, "Hey, some friends and I might be going to the club later. Can I have your number, so I can call you to tell you where we are going?" You can also say, "A friend and I might be seeing a movie later. If you're intersted in coming, can I have your number to let you know when and where?" Make it a group setting, so it won't seem like a formal date. It's worked for me every time.



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