How to Ask Someone to Be Your Girlfriend

How to Ask Someone to Be Your Girlfriend
Although you may not be ready to get down on one knee and ask for her hand, perhaps it's time to discuss your more immediate future together.

1. Ask yourself what makes her, and the time you spend together, special.

2. Think about the specific changes you hope will occur in the relationship if she agrees to become your girlfriend.

3. Be clear about what it means to you to have a girlfriend and what your expectations are concerning mutually exclusive dating, living together or other issues that are important to you.

4. Prepare to communicate why you are seeking and offering a bigger commitment to your relationship at this time.

5. Find an intimate setting for your discussion.

6. Let your date know in advance that you want to discuss how each of you is feeling about the other. Be clear so she knows that you don't want to break up - and that you're not proposing marriage yet, either.

7. Make her, and yourself, as comfortable as possible. Encourage her to express her feelings without pressuring her to make a decision.

8. Give her time to reflect on your immediate future.

9. Keep your fingers crossed and your options open.

Try not to stress out about asking her to be your girlfriend. Although this is an important step, you can still be lighthearted in your approach.

Do your part to ensure that each of you feels heard, understood and respected no matter what the outcome.

If she doesn't share your feelings - whether she wanted more or less from your current arrangement - one or both of you may be very disappointed, frustrated or hurt. Give each other time and space to at least remain civil, if not friendly or maybe even friends.

Make room for everybody in your life, not just her by Chad T
At some point in the immediate future after asking her out, make sure she understands that she is very important to you, but your plans with others are important to you as well. Don't forget that friends are for life, and very necessary.

Love each other by Georgie
If you want to ask someone out, you have to do it when she is happy. If you get a girl, show her you love her. To keep it going, bring her things she would like, but don't rush her and don't tell everyone about personal matters (unless she wants you too).


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